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Forum Theatre

Using forum theatre, youth will highlight salient issues to prompt dialogue. The Theatre for Change will lead this initi...

Folk Arts

Led by the Centre for Performing Arts, folk artists and youth will showcase the country’s diverse folk traditions.

Stage Play

Veteran playwrights and professional actors will come together to produce and stage a play that focuses on social proble...


The Chithrasena Vajira Dance Foundation will work with young dancers to hone professionalism and the art of dance.

Creative Writing

British Council will facilitate young writers and publish their short stories on project topics to be shared widely

Short Films

Young film makers will be trained by Agenda 14 to produce short films on project topics, to prompt dialogue.

Bringing youth together through
dance, writing and theatre

Sri Lanka is a country of diverse cultures, which have been shaped by its different peoples, histories and experiences. Evoked through song, art, food, language, literature, drama and architecture, this rich heritage has endured and evolved over time. Since the war ended in 2009, while progress has been made and much has been achieved, reconciliation remains a challenge.

The European Union funded YOUth CREATE seeks to explore how culture can be used to bridge divides brought on by ethnicity, experience and geography, in an effort to promote respect for diversity and democratic values. Using dance, theatre and creative writing, CARE International with its partners and associates will work with young people from the north, east and south to give voice to their experiences and insights on the topics of reconciliation, democracy and human rights. These ‘works of arts’ will be used to prompt dialogue and debate, while fostering an appreciation for the use of culture in reconciliation.


As of November 2016 YOUth CREATE has..

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Upcoming Public Events

Forum Theater

Village Level Performances, Ampara

Village level performances, Mannar

Village Level Performances, Kilinochchi

Workshops and Refreshers

Village Level Forum Theatre performances, Ampara

Stage Play

Nethuwa Beri Minihek

University Shows

Shows in Main Cities

Additional Shows


Sarasvathi Pooja

DEVANJALI, Dance Performance

Dance Workshop for Youth

Short Films

Public Screenings

Film Festivals

Training on Short Film Making

Folk Arts

Drama Festival

Community Cultural Event

Cultural Rally

Creative Writing

Author Reading Sessions

Training Module

Training Programme

Participant Showcase

Why do we need “Art” ?

“Nationally acclaimed playwright, Rajitha Dissanayake, speaks about the role art could play in influencing attitudinal change in the post-war Sri Lanka.”

Whats Happening?

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“WINGS” ; giving wings to Sri Lankan Youth

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